How to find Slim Fast diet things for free, discounts and coupons

Morning all,

First, I really do need to say….personally, I myself would stay away from any liquid protein “diet.” Such things do not encourage good lifestyle changes, and once you go off the Slimfast, you’ll probably eat the way you used to. Remember Oprah? She starved herself for 4 months and whomp, regained the weight quickly after.

That being sad, I do understand how many people won’t accept the above until they see for themselves. Thus, here’s how to find Slimfast diet coupons/discounts etc.

First off, look at:

From where do the above Slimfast products come? Why, eBay of course. You see, many people will buy big supplies of diet products, and then when they decide it’s not for them, they’ll try to get rid of them and recoup at least some of their money.

Next, you can post at your local Freecycle and ask if anyone has any they want to bestow to a good home. Folks on Freecycle are quite helpful; if a member has them, you’ll be sure to learn about it.

And don’t forget – you can also search on Google! Look at this:

slimfast discount

You might find:

Buy Slim Fast bars, diet bars, and diet & energy products online

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Buy Slim Fast Optima Meal On-The-Go Shake, French Vanilla Online

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And don’t forget – they often give discounts like:

As you can see, it’s very rare that you have to pay full retail. But again, don’t go with a liquid diet – learn healthy eating habits instead. Your body will thank you for it.



P90x Fitness Review – Kenpo, Week 7, Day 6 – Total Days – 48

Work work work

I’m running out of time to post! I forgot to update my workout yesterday – ’twas Kenpo and as always, P90x delivered. It’s great exercise! And after tomorrow, it will be Week 8 – recovery! Yay!

And that’s Day 48,


ps – some cool P90x goodies:

Fat and Sexy by Mr. Spock – The Full Body Project


I just heard about Leonard Nimoy’s new book, The Full Body Project. Contrary to the majority of Hollywood icons, he promotes a healthier concept of just what makes a woman sexy.

To wit:

…Serious props go out to Leonard Nimoy for his book, The Full Body Project: Photographs by Leonard Nimoy. He is promoting a healthier vision of what makes a woman sexy. It’s a photography book that focuses on the larger sized woman.

He even had the cajones to go onto the Colbert Report and defend his book…MORE…

Kudos to Starling Fitness for reporting this!



ps – if you’re plus-sized, check out these goodies:

Diet Plans to Avoid Like The Plague


It’s always nice to see humor like the following:

…Ok, so maybe I pulled these titles out of my (ahem) caffeine-soaked mind, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see ‘em on, either:

  • The Thin (Mint Cookie) Diet
  • Diet Coke Diet [this is the one where 1 diet coke + 1 snickers bar = zero net calories]
  • Eat $&%@ and Die(t)
  • Double Whopper with Cheese Diet
  • If You Can’t Fry It, Don’t Buy It Diet
  • MORE!

Joe’s blog has bunches of great information as well – do yourself a favor and check it out.



ps – want some diet humor?

P90x Review – Leg Backs, Week 7, Day 5 – Total Days – 46


Today was P90x Legs and Back and it went peachy! I think I really have this down now…I do P90x either after the kids go to school, or in the afternoon, and boom, it takes care of my strength training/etc. It’s a very good workout.

I still have to get better with pullups, mind you. But I figure that will come in time.

And that’s Day 46 (coming soon to recovery week, yay!),


ps – some P90x goodies!

P90x Review – Darth Yoga, ie YogaX, Week 7, Day 4 – Total Days – 45

Can I simply say how much I love

the YogaX DVD now?

Okay, true, I used to HATE it…but with time comes wisdom I suppose. :) I’m finding the positions and postures much easier now to do; it’s a great break from all the strength training stuff that is done on other days. Really good stuff!

And that’s Day 45,


ps – Other cool P90x goodies are:

How to find diet bargains, discounts and more online

Howdy everyone,

If you’re a smart person, you probably know that money in your pocket is better than money in someone else’s pocket. Right?

‘Course right! Which is why you always want to take advantage of diet discounts and savings online, whenever you can find them.

Here’s a brief tutorial and how-to guide on that exact same subject!

First, you want to visit’s Diet Bargains of the Day. Every day, you’ll see what goodies will have extra redeemable codes and certificates you can use. It’s very helpful.

Next, you can simply choose a diet idea and search for it like so:

  • diet discount


  • diet coupon


You’ll be returned the sites online that talk about the diet product discounts or the coupon codes required.

Next, you can visit your local Freecycle and post a request for them! Sometimes people stock up on diet foods/etc. and then decide they don’t want to try that diet anymore. Folks on Freecycle are happy to send them to you.

Next, you can search on eBay. For example, look at the searches for:

Here, you’re simply searching for the diet or diet food you want, and tacking on the word ‘lot’ afterwards.

It works quite well as you’ll see.

You can also apply this to searching for any sort of bargains online! Try it someday – your wallet will thank you.



ps – some neat diet ebooks you might like include:

Fitness, Diet, Weight Loss Bloggers – Add your blog for free at the Big Huge Minds Community


If you’re a fitness or diet or weight loss blogger, and you’d like more targeted traffic to your site, feel free to sign up at the BigHugeMinds diet and fitness community and request for your blog postings to be automatically sent to the forum.

You’ll benefit by getting targeted traffic to your blog, and the BHM community will benefit by being able to learn from you.

Once your blog is accepted, that’s all you have to do – your posts will show up automatically under

Personally, I feel quite strongly that a community goes two ways. If you take the time to research information and share what you know, you should be able to receive personal benefits from it (in this case, targeted traffic).



ps – want your blog to make money?

Perfect Parakeets, Magic Chickens and Diets, Oh My!

There’s a new diet in town

the Magic Chicken!

I first became aware of this from the blog . Today, a rather fascinatnig post was made, to wit:

…The phrase game of Chicken is used as a metaphor for a situation where two parties engage in a showdown where they have nothing to gain, and only pride stops them from backing down.

This seems to be an accurate description of what’s going on with the Magic Chicken Diet lately.

The Magic Chicken Diet popped up on our radar in December and was brought to our attention only because the site was made as a clone to Kimkins. There are thousands of diet sites promoting fad diets on the internet and the only reason MCD attracted any interest was due to the similarities with Kimkins ….MORE…

It’s a very interesting read, I urge you to check it out.

Personally, my favorite birdies are parakeets. Not to eat, of course, but we have over a dozen parakeets here in our home. Their chirpies are very pleasant in the morning! I even built a site about my flock – if you ever wanted the inside scoop on parakeets, check out Ultimate Parakeet; you’ll learn quite a lot about these truly wonderful birdies.

But back to chicken. You know, I once thought about writing up the Creative Chicken Diet, because my family LOVES costco chicken rotissere. What I personally like, however, is that you can make a fantastic soup from all the leftovers (bones/skin/etc.) that ends up being quite tasty indeed. Chicken, salad, fruits, veggies…it’s the ingredients for great weight loss (if you add in exercise as well, of course).

Other Magic Chicken postings include:



ps – want good low-carb goodies? Consider: