Perfect Parakeets, Magic Chickens and Diets, Oh My!

There’s a new diet in town

the Magic Chicken!

I first became aware of this from the blog . Today, a rather fascinatnig post was made, to wit:

…The phrase game of Chicken is used as a metaphor for a situation where two parties engage in a showdown where they have nothing to gain, and only pride stops them from backing down.

This seems to be an accurate description of what’s going on with the Magic Chicken Diet lately.

The Magic Chicken Diet popped up on our radar in December and was brought to our attention only because the site was made as a clone to Kimkins. There are thousands of diet sites promoting fad diets on the internet and the only reason MCD attracted any interest was due to the similarities with Kimkins ….MORE…

It’s a very interesting read, I urge you to check it out.

Personally, my favorite birdies are parakeets. Not to eat, of course, but we have over a dozen parakeets here in our home. Their chirpies are very pleasant in the morning! I even built a site about my flock – if you ever wanted the inside scoop on parakeets, check out Ultimate Parakeet; you’ll learn quite a lot about these truly wonderful birdies.

But back to chicken. You know, I once thought about writing up the Creative Chicken Diet, because my family LOVES costco chicken rotissere. What I personally like, however, is that you can make a fantastic soup from all the leftovers (bones/skin/etc.) that ends up being quite tasty indeed. Chicken, salad, fruits, veggies…it’s the ingredients for great weight loss (if you add in exercise as well, of course).

Other Magic Chicken postings include:



ps – want good low-carb goodies? Consider:

3 thoughts on “Perfect Parakeets, Magic Chickens and Diets, Oh My!”

  1. Thanks for the link!
    I agree that chicken is a great food, not only when trying to lose weight. The problem I have with the Magic Chicken Diet is the very low calories that result from following the suggested menus. And this is not a 48 hour diet. The founder was on it for 10 months, and no doubt still eat starvation level calories to be able to maintain her weight loss.
    For an example of a menu for this diet, see this post:
    Magic Chicken Diet

  2. “There?s a new diet in town…” If you’re talking about the Magic Chicken Diet, there’s nothing new about it — it’s basically a starvation diet, and hey, people have been starving for countless eons.

    Even the Magic Chicken Diet website isn’t new — it’s an attempt to create “a clone of” (and that’s a direct quote from the Magic Chicken Diet website owner, in a help wanted ad posted at

    If you want to see actual photos of Heidi Diaz, a.k.a.
    “The Kimmer” (the “creator” of the Kimkins Diet), contact the office of attorney John Tiedt, who is spearheading the class action lawsuit on behalf of nearly forty thousand people who were ripped off by Ms. Diaz’s scam. The videotape of Ms. Diaz’s deposition shows what you, too, can look like, if you follow the Kimkins Diet.

    And if you want to see actual photos of Bonnie Luper, a.k.a. “Chicken Lady” (the “creator” of the Magic Chicken Diet”), be sure to check out and The photos of Ms. Luper’s “weightloss journey” show what you, too, can look like, if you follow the Magic Chicken Diet.

    Ms. Diaz got rich teaching people how to starve themselves — Ms. Luper seems to have been trying to do the same thing.

    But unlike Ms. Diaz, Ms. Luper is not a fraud — she actually did manage to starve herself out of obesity. Whether she will be able to maintain that weightloss without also starving herself into an early grave or suffering the medical problems reported by the Kimkins survivors, time alone will tell.

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