Diet and weight loss implants now in practice!


Have you heard

about the following?


It’s probably safe to say most of us want to lose a few pounds, but there are thousands in San Antonio who need to lose weight to live. Now, a new device being tested right here in San Antonio is offering help and hope.

Nelda Gonzales is beginning a new chapter in her life. She’s been battling weight for years, and when she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, she said she went into a depression, but now, she has a reason to smile.

That’s because tucked away in her belly is the Tantalus Two, which she calls her “Titanium Baby” because of the fluttering sensation she feels when it’s telling her she’s full.

“When I tend to over eat or when I’m full the ‘baby’ flutters and that’s a sign to me that tells me that I’ve had enough,” explained Nelda.

San Antonio doctors are testing the Tantalus Two to help stop the obesity and diabetes problem reaching epidemic proportions in the US, something, as a school teacher, Nelda sees every day.

She told us, “I see so many overweight children. It’s really, really scary, and I’m afraid they’re going to end up like me.”….MORE….

What do you think about it? Here’s more resources for you:



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How to find Slim Fast diet things for free, discounts and coupons

Morning all,

First, I really do need to say….personally, I myself would stay away from any liquid protein “diet.” Such things do not encourage good lifestyle changes, and once you go off the Slimfast, you’ll probably eat the way you used to. Remember Oprah? She starved herself for 4 months and whomp, regained the weight quickly after.

That being sad, I do understand how many people won’t accept the above until they see for themselves. Thus, here’s how to find Slimfast diet coupons/discounts etc.

First off, look at:

From where do the above Slimfast products come? Why, eBay of course. You see, many people will buy big supplies of diet products, and then when they decide it’s not for them, they’ll try to get rid of them and recoup at least some of their money.

Next, you can post at your local Freecycle and ask if anyone has any they want to bestow to a good home. Folks on Freecycle are quite helpful; if a member has them, you’ll be sure to learn about it.

And don’t forget – you can also search on Google! Look at this:

slimfast discount

You might find:

Buy Slim Fast bars, diet bars, and diet & energy products online

Shop online for Slim Fast at today by visiting the Slim Fast store. well-being | discount contact lenses from vision direct |

Buy Slim Fast Optima Meal On-The-Go Shake, French Vanilla Online

SlimFast Optima Shakes, proven weight loss success made easier! …. ideas | sexual well-being | discount contact lenses from vision direct |

And don’t forget – they often give discounts like:

As you can see, it’s very rare that you have to pay full retail. But again, don’t go with a liquid diet – learn healthy eating habits instead. Your body will thank you for it.



How to find diet bargains, discounts and more online

Howdy everyone,

If you’re a smart person, you probably know that money in your pocket is better than money in someone else’s pocket. Right?

‘Course right! Which is why you always want to take advantage of diet discounts and savings online, whenever you can find them.

Here’s a brief tutorial and how-to guide on that exact same subject!

First, you want to visit’s Diet Bargains of the Day. Every day, you’ll see what goodies will have extra redeemable codes and certificates you can use. It’s very helpful.

Next, you can simply choose a diet idea and search for it like so:

  • diet discount


  • diet coupon


You’ll be returned the sites online that talk about the diet product discounts or the coupon codes required.

Next, you can visit your local Freecycle and post a request for them! Sometimes people stock up on diet foods/etc. and then decide they don’t want to try that diet anymore. Folks on Freecycle are happy to send them to you.

Next, you can search on eBay. For example, look at the searches for:

Here, you’re simply searching for the diet or diet food you want, and tacking on the word ‘lot’ afterwards.

It works quite well as you’ll see.

You can also apply this to searching for any sort of bargains online! Try it someday – your wallet will thank you.



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Want to shake your booty? Crunch Go Go really helps! review

Afternoon all,

One of the things I’m discovering since really getting back into shape/stretching/etc. is that my legs and hips can actually, ahem, move. This was quite startling to me, as I never had taken advantage of that before in my 20s!

In my search for getting in tune with my body, I came across:

This is “Crunch Go Go by Gypsy” and let me tell you, it’s one rocking, fun workout! I added it to my cardio routine because it teaches you not only how to shake your hips/shoulders, but also how to walk/strut/etc. the same way. Interestingly enough, this seems to have helped a chronic ache I used to have with my hips and legs, so obviously…. I’m sold on it. :) The added benefit of being able to move with confidence is also most beneficial as well.

Here are other places you can find reviews:

I was able to get my own copy of Crunch Cardio Go Go Fitness at a discount over at Kmart – it was only $9.99.

In short, if you’re looking to learn how to move your body sexily but don’t want to practice in front of others, this is a great workout to have.



ps – here’s where you can get Crunch Go Go at a discount!

Magic Legs reviews and discounts – coupons for Leg Magic and more

Morning everyone,

Gotta love infomercials, yes indeed, one does. Sometimes it’s really difficult to keep in mind the official name of a particular product!

Take Leg Magic (otherwise known as Magic Legs). It looks like:

(and notice, some of the above have great discount savings!). Those I found for you on eBay. eBay, of course, is a super resource at which to buy Leg Magic, Magic Legs, heck, just about any kind of exercise product – the sad truth is, many of these items end up being glorified clothing hangers, and eventually, folks just decide to move them along.

I’ve also found Leg Magic at stores too! I’ve seen them at

Now! Here’s a nice secret – quite often, the above stores will offer coupons you can bring in for additional discounts. I used a 25% off coupon for my Perfect Pushups at Sports Authority once! And you can visit sites like Mr. Rebates and get additional money off.
What about the product itself? Does it really deliver? Here are some reviews you can check out:

Hope the above is useful!



ps – some discount Leg Magic!

Free P90x or P90x+ resources – How to find P90x Plus and Classic for free


First – the good news – you can always get discounted P90x at eBay like so:

That’s what I did, and I’m beyond thrilled with my purchase. I also got the P90x Chinup bar there as well.

Now the bad news. I confess, I tried for quite awhile to get P90x for free. I personally wasn’t able to, but hey, you might! And here’s how.

First, check out your local Freecycle. This is an organization that lets you post about “items wanted” and “items you want to give away” for your own local neighborhood. I was able to get Taebo this way, and also mini-trampolines…but alas, not P90x. But who knows, there might be someone in your neighborhood who was given P90x and no longer wants it…and will give it to you for free.

Next, go to Craigslist. Search for your area. Then search to see if anyone is selling P90 at a discount or giving P90x away for free.

Next, have you heard of Book swaps? You can also find exercise/DVD swaps too! Consider:

These two sites might offer some relief.

And did you know that sometimes gives great discounts, as do their merchants? Here’s a Review of P90x there – for example, at the time of this writing, 4 sets were available for $135 instead of the list price. True, not free….but also true, better than retail.

Where else can you look for P90x for free? How about your local gym? There’s probably lots of folks who workout there who have invested in this – see if there’s a community bulletin board where you can post a WANTED ad for free.

Hope this helps! Bargains and such ARE out there…you simply have to go around looking for them.



ps – some other P90x goodies:

YOU on a Diet reviews, resources, coupons and discounts

Morning everyone,

Unless you’ve been fossilizing under your toddler’s bed, you probably have heard of YOU on a Diet, ie, goodies like:

Any time a diet plan like You on a Diet becomes popular, lots and lots of additional marketing gets thrown in! You can now get

etc. But what really is You on a Diet? What resources can you use to find out if it’s for you?

I’ve searched about and came up with:

So how else can you get discounts for this particular product? Well, places like will offer you free shipping if you order over $25 worth of stuff. And you can always post at your local and see if anyone is willing to give up their copy (you’d be surprised how many people generally are!).

Craigslist is also also an option. And don’t forget about looking thru book swap sites like:

What if you want to compare how much stores are selling You on a Diet for? Try:

You’ll see that has the cheapest price.

Nice, eh? You almost never have to pay full price…when you tap into the power of the Internet.



ps – Some more You on a Diet goodies!

The Biggest Loser – how to find coupons and discounts and more

Hi everyone,

So! Unless you’ve been frozen in carbonite, you’ve probably heard of The Biggest Loser – that show in which obese people lose astonishing amounts of weight by training hard for 5 hours a day, eating right, and having a personal trainer work with them day in and day out.

And you’ve probably heard of their weight loss club, and other marketable goodies. But did you know you can find discounts like:

But why stop there? Marketing delights that there are, you can now buy:

Of course, such goodies come from eBay. Many vendors are official retailers…and then you have the ordinary folks like you and me who bought Biggest Loser products and then decided, let’s try something different.

You can also uncover coupons for The Biggest Loser! Search for

And you might uncover:

The Biggest Loser Club Discounts – Biggest Loser Diet NBC

We offer coupons and deals for The Biggest Loser Club, a fitness and diet program inspired by Biggest Loser Club Coupon, Discount or Offer, Expiration

Biggest Loser Club Coupon Codes, Biggest Loser Club Promotions

Save money with Biggest Loser Club Coupons, Coupon Codes, Promotions, Biggest Loser Club Promotional Code & Biggest Loser Club Discounts, BiggestLoserClub

The Biggest Loser Club : Online coupons code free discount

The Biggest Loser Club online coupons for free promotional discounts on products. Rebates, bargains on promo coupon codes for The Biggest Loser Club!

Saving money is always a good thing – do your research first, and who knows what deals you’ll uncover.



ps – Here are some other Biggest Loser bargains waiting for you:

Liquid diet (medifast, optifast) discounts and coupons, how to save money!

Hi all,

No matter what people read, often they’ll be seduced by the idea of a liquid diet (you drink all your protein) to lose weight. No matter what they read about losing weight slowly and safely, they’ll want to try it.

I can understand that – often people have to experience such things themselves before they give themselves permission to start a real diet. Thing is, though, liquid diets can get quite expensive…why spend all that money when you can try it for much less?


Where did I find all those products? Why, eBay of course!

Remember – not everyone who starts a diet plan will finish it. And in the case of optifast or medifast etc., folks will realize, golly, I just bought all this stuff…and there ain’t no way in heck I’ll be using it!

So they turn to eBay instead.

eBay is a super way to get lots and lots of great diet and weight loss discounts. And don’t forget fitness and exercises – you can search for workout DVDs like

etc. and get great deals! I always use eBay for my fitness needs.

Savings don’t end there, however. What about official coupons? Here’s what I got for searching on Medifast coupons:

Medifast CouponsMedifast Diet Plan Coupon Codes

Use Medifast coupons to save on the Medifast diet plan and weight loss program. Our Medifast coupon codes provide discounts on meal plans and weight loss – 11k –

Diet Plan Coupons – Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem Weight Loss

Hot listings of diet plan discounts, such as Nutrisystem coupons, Medifast, One week Free + Free Shipping when you order a 4 week variety pack, Unknown

Medifast Coupons and Discount Medifast

10% off on Capella Flavor Drops for Medifast members! Coupon Code: MEDIFAST10 Expires: 2008-03-31 – Click here to use this Medifast Coupon!

As you can see, the Internet will often provide exactly that for which you’re searching. Take the time out to look…and often your efforts will be well-rewarded indeed.



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Weight Watchers coupons and savings – best way to find

Afternoon everyone,

Coupons, coupons and more coupons. The Internet is rife with coupons and savings, even for diet and weight loss products like Weight Watchers!

Consider the following:

Now, true, those aren’t from coupons – those savings are from eBay. And as you’re probably aware, not everyone who starts Weight Watchers will complete it….and so they turn to eBay to offer their Weight Watchers goodies at a discount. You should truly explore there – you never know what you might uncover!

But I digress. :-)

It’s very easy to find Weight Watchers coupons online – just search for

weight watchers coupons


weight watchers savings

Immediately, you’ll come up with sites like:

Weight Watchers Promotion Codes for, Weight

Weight Watchers UK: P$5 off coupon UK Residents OnlyJust click & you’ll receive P$5 off your online 1-Month Savings Plan order. Jan 31 08

Weight Watchers Online Coupons, – DealCatcher

25% off 3 Month Savings Plan If losing weight was your New Years resolution, you might find this deal helpful. Weight Watchers normally charges $46.90 for 1

25% off 3 Month Savings Plan at Weight Watchers

Details: Weight Watchers normally charges $46.90 for 1 month of their online weight loss program (including signup fee). Click through and signup for 3 Corporate Solutions – gateway

Rutgers has joined forces with Weight Watchers Corporate Solutions to bring you a savings of $10* off a 3-month subscription to Weight Watchers Online. – 22k –
Nice, eh?

Never be shy of searching for what the Internet can bestow upon you – you might end up saving lots of dollars from your Weight Watchers coupon search.



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