Wii FIT – The little white balance board of beauty!


I’ll be the first

one to confess – I adore my DDR (dance dance revolution) but can see…the Wii is really starting to gain popularity. And in my never-ending quest for giving my children even more reasons to come in out of the fresh air and plop themselves down in front of the TV, I’ve been researching the Wii FIT for awhile. Check out this story!

…My second week of daily Wii Fit training has come to a close. This week was a lot busier than the first so I am learning not only how to balance n the little white board, but also how to balance Wii Fit into my life.

After the first week I had lost no weight, but I was still very optimistic about the program. This week I have continued to build that positive mental attitude as you can read in the logs below. But is there any weight loss to go with it? Read more to find out….

Day 8 (February 12th)
BMI: 25.34
Body Age: 22
In game training time: 45 minutes
Actual playing time: 54 minutes

I have unlocked almost all of the exercises at this point. Some of the later ones can really be put into the “silly” category. For example one of the exercises has you lie down on the floor with the Wii remote pointed at the ceiling and you are to repeatedly stand up and fall back to the ground while shaking the remote as little as possible. It is perhaps good for leg training, but it really looks stupid.

Focusing more on yoga is starting to pay off. I am seeing definite improvement in my yoga poses. I really hope my balance is actually getting better and not that I am just learning how to trick the board….MORE….

What do YOU think?



ps – want some cool Wii games?

P90x Fitness Review – Xstretch, Week 7, Day 7 – Total Days – 49

I’ve completed

7 whole weeks! YAY!!!!!!!

P90x rocks! Today was ‘give my body a rest’ day, so I did the XStretch while really felt good.

Next week (okay, tomorrow) starts my rest week. It’s about time. :)

And that’s Day 49,


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P90x Fitness Review – Kenpo, Week 7, Day 6 – Total Days – 48

Work work work

I’m running out of time to post! I forgot to update my workout yesterday – ’twas Kenpo and as always, P90x delivered. It’s great exercise! And after tomorrow, it will be Week 8 – recovery! Yay!

And that’s Day 48,


ps – some cool P90x goodies:

Fat and Sexy by Mr. Spock – The Full Body Project


I just heard about Leonard Nimoy’s new book, The Full Body Project. Contrary to the majority of Hollywood icons, he promotes a healthier concept of just what makes a woman sexy.

To wit:

…Serious props go out to Leonard Nimoy for his book, The Full Body Project: Photographs by Leonard Nimoy. He is promoting a healthier vision of what makes a woman sexy. It’s a photography book that focuses on the larger sized woman.

He even had the cajones to go onto the Colbert Report and defend his book…MORE…

Kudos to Starling Fitness for reporting this!



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P90x Review – Leg Backs, Week 7, Day 5 – Total Days – 46


Today was P90x Legs and Back and it went peachy! I think I really have this down now…I do P90x either after the kids go to school, or in the afternoon, and boom, it takes care of my strength training/etc. It’s a very good workout.

I still have to get better with pullups, mind you. But I figure that will come in time.

And that’s Day 46 (coming soon to recovery week, yay!),


ps – some P90x goodies!

P90x Review – Darth Yoga, ie YogaX, Week 7, Day 4 – Total Days – 45

Can I simply say how much I love

the YogaX DVD now?

Okay, true, I used to HATE it…but with time comes wisdom I suppose. :) I’m finding the positions and postures much easier now to do; it’s a great break from all the strength training stuff that is done on other days. Really good stuff!

And that’s Day 45,


ps – Other cool P90x goodies are:

Fitness, Diet, Weight Loss Bloggers – Add your blog for free at the Big Huge Minds Community


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Top 12 Diet Weight Loss or Fitness Valentines Day Gifts Ideas

Tomorrow is

Valentines Day! Wheeeee!

I just finished shopping for my husband and it was truly delightful – our 14 years of marriage has given us a great sense of comfortableness and enjoyment, not to mention a healthy appreciation of each’s other’s, ahem, sensual potential. I can’t post what I got him yet, as he reads my blog, but suffice it to say, it will look really sexy on him. :)

So! Onto the top 12 Valentine’s Diet and Weight Loss ideas!

12.) An Amazon gift certificate. Now now, don’t look at me that way – Amazon has thousands of great diet/weightloss exercise goodies at super discounts and bargains! If you give this, your recipient can pick and choose to his or her’s hearts content and you know the final present will be just what was wanted.

11.) Sweetleaf No Calorie/No Carb Sweetener. Clocking in at luxurious tastes, this power-packed drop gives intense flavor to coffee, water, oatmeal, yogurt, etc. It comes in chocolate raspberry, apricot, cinnamon, vanilla creme and many more!

10.) Richard Simmons Workouts. Don’t believe me? RS has highly overweight people who are featured in his workout videos like Sweatin’ to the Oldies III, and you’re left thinking, gosh, if they can do it, I can do it too! Highly recommended.

9.) P90x. The ultimate in extreme home fitness, it compels you to work different muscle groups on different days and actually delivers on its promises. I’m currently on Day 45 of it myself! eBay has it at great discounts too.

8.) Spa Gift Cards. Every person wants to relax…and a great spa day or relaxation hour is a perfect way to tell your lover how much you care.

7.) Love Coupons! Why not print out a free love coupon that you can give to your Valentine, redeemable for a night of unforgettable delights, an hour of wondrous massage, or heck, breakfast in bed or one load of laundry done?

6.) Ekornes Stressless Chair. Okay, true, these cost over a grand, so it would certainly make a statement! But I have to tell you, it’s the most comfortable chair on this planet and really takes off the pressure on your lumber spine. I have one currently as my office chair, and it’s pure heaven.

5.) Tiger Balm. This ointment is perfect for rubbing on sore muscles after fatiguing workouts and is cost-conscious to boot!

4.) iPod/MP4. Not only can your Valentine listen to music while working out, he or she can also download free exercise/fitness apps for it to keep track of workouts too! And you don’t have to buy brand-name – the generics work just as well and are centuries cheaper. I wrote a long how-to about this topic here.

3.) Dance Dance Revolution DDR. Omigosh, I cannot begin to rhapsodize about how many calories you’ll burn nor how much fun you’ll have doing this particular game! You stand on a dance mat, listen to music and try to move your feet in the right spot at the right time. You can even battle each other! It’s tops in my household here.

2.) Childhood comforts. What causes your Valentine to think back on a childhood comfort? For me, for example, it’s my LL Bean houserobe that my mom got me, oh, hmmmm….lesseee, 15 years ago. I refuse to give it up and even got my kids ones that are similar. Do you know what translates into ‘comfort/safety/warm fuzzies’? If so, get thee hence to eBay and look for it – chances are, you’ll uncover it and be able to offer one truly unique gift.

And the Number 1 idea for a great diet weight loss or fitness Valentine’s Day gift is:

1.) Let your Valentine See Into Your Heart. Write a poem, or a story, or simply why you utterly adore your Valentine…put some signature scent into the paper, roll it up and tie it with something beautiful, and hand it to him or her on Valentine’s Day. I guarantee…it will make the most incredible impression…..ever. (need a poem idea? Check out this one about which I blogged awhile ago).



ps – and of course, you can always go with:

P90x Review – Back Biceps, Week 7, Day 3 – Total Days – 45

Hi everyone,

Today’s P90x workout was back and biceps. Wow, I really love the pullups/chinups, but gosh, I wish I could do more than 4 unassisted ones!!!!!

Oh well, perhaps my body simply wants to teach me patience. Yes, that must be it. :)

I will admit, however, that the program is going swimmingly. And tomorrow is Darth Yoga again – bliss! :)

And that’s Day 45,


ps – some extreme home fitness goodies:

I LOVE Darth Yoga!


I’ll post my P90x update later on today, but for the moment let it suffice to say:

I ADORE Darth Yoga!

What is, Darth Yoga, I hear you ask?

It’s the P90x DVD called YogaX. I fondly started referring to it as Yoga Death because it was suuuuuch a killer workout; then other super moms started calling it Darth Yoga.

You see, if you’re not big into yoga yet, you’ll find the P90x YogaX to be, well, brutal. Excruciatingly so, I might add. It has you hold positions you probably never saw since you were 5 years old, stretch muscles that you never even knew you possessed, and generally causes extreme fatigue if you’re not used to it. Back when I first started P90x, I utterly despised this workout.

But! As the days and weeks went by (I’m on week 7 now), my body started to actually enjoy the benefits this particular workout gave, most specifically in the stretching and flexibility aspect. After all, sitting for 76 hours a day in front of your computer is guaranteed to get the softest muscle stiff and achy…and being able to stretch everything out and relax is true goodness for your body.

Thus, after my morning workout and programming, I boldly slipped in the DVD and pressed PLAY. 1.5 hours later I was done, and my body purred, thank you! It’s about time! :)

And now of course, it’s back to work. :)



ps – some great P90x goodies include: