Life is a four letter word……..I think you spell it L-O-V-E


I was reminded of the following poem from a conversation with a good friend yesterday. I first read this back in college, and have loved it ever since.

Life is a four letter word……..
I think you spell it L-O-V-E

It’s really as simple as that……

No, I don’t really think that I can totally describe love
but I do know some things about it.

Seems to me that in order to be in love, you have to be
able to be weak. Sure, certain aspects of love take
a real strength. But, it is true that in order to
experience love at its best, you have to be able to
be weak, vulnerable and accept the possibility that
you might get hurt. If you are too tough to let
yourself be so open for attack, then I am afraid you
can never feel love to its fullest.

Is it worth it to take such a risk. I don’t know the answer to
that….but I do know that even though I have gotten
hurt occasionally, I would do it all over again. The
Joys were more memorable than the pain.

Actually, most of the times that I ended up hurt were not because
I left myself vulnerable, but rather that my stupidity tricked
me into arming myself against “the one I loved”, so that she
couldn’t hurt me. Once I let myself take the defensive,
I usually ended up causing more problems than I solved.

What should a person do: Should a person be tougher and more
protective of themselves even though they take away from
the full effect of love….Or should you be more vulnerable
and weak and open to possible attack….

I am WEAK! Not because I choose to be this way….but rather because
in all honesty, I know no other way

I am weak….I sometimes get hurt….but I have felt love….


You know, it’s been 20 years since I first read that poem….and I can honestly say, my life’s experiences have shown me that the above is so, so, so SO very true. I too have been hurt and decimated and burned to the ground by folks whom I chose to give the gift of love….but now with the benefit of hindsight, I thank the universe that I was able to have those experiences. They made me grow… and gave me the wisdom to choose better in the future and love my husband/family/friends with an open heart.

Love is just that….a gift. Give it wisely! and not to people who are not worthy of your own special inner beauty. The person who receives your love is under no obligation to treasure it as they should…and you must be open to that possibility. Once you accept that, any emotional hurts are reduced….for you can only feel sorrow for people who let such a treasure as yourself….get away.



ps – here are some cute love thingees:

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