Wii FIT – The little white balance board of beauty!


I’ll be the first

one to confess – I adore my DDR (dance dance revolution) but can see…the Wii is really starting to gain popularity. And in my never-ending quest for giving my children even more reasons to come in out of the fresh air and plop themselves down in front of the TV, I’ve been researching the Wii FIT for awhile. Check out this story!

…My second week of daily Wii Fit training has come to a close. This week was a lot busier than the first so I am learning not only how to balance n the little white board, but also how to balance Wii Fit into my life.

After the first week I had lost no weight, but I was still very optimistic about the program. This week I have continued to build that positive mental attitude as you can read in the logs below. But is there any weight loss to go with it? Read more to find out….

Day 8 (February 12th)
BMI: 25.34
Body Age: 22
In game training time: 45 minutes
Actual playing time: 54 minutes

I have unlocked almost all of the exercises at this point. Some of the later ones can really be put into the “silly” category. For example one of the exercises has you lie down on the floor with the Wii remote pointed at the ceiling and you are to repeatedly stand up and fall back to the ground while shaking the remote as little as possible. It is perhaps good for leg training, but it really looks stupid.

Focusing more on yoga is starting to pay off. I am seeing definite improvement in my yoga poses. I really hope my balance is actually getting better and not that I am just learning how to trick the board….MORE….

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ps – want some cool Wii games?