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It’s probably safe to say most of us want to lose a few pounds, but there are thousands in San Antonio who need to lose weight to live. Now, a new device being tested right here in San Antonio is offering help and hope.

Nelda Gonzales is beginning a new chapter in her life. She’s been battling weight for years, and when she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, she said she went into a depression, but now, she has a reason to smile.

That’s because tucked away in her belly is the Tantalus Two, which she calls her “Titanium Baby” because of the fluttering sensation she feels when it’s telling her she’s full.

“When I tend to over eat or when I’m full the ‘baby’ flutters and that’s a sign to me that tells me that I’ve had enough,” explained Nelda.

San Antonio doctors are testing the Tantalus Two to help stop the obesity and diabetes problem reaching epidemic proportions in the US, something, as a school teacher, Nelda sees every day.

She told us, “I see so many overweight children. It’s really, really scary, and I’m afraid they’re going to end up like me.”….MORE….

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