Want to shake your booty? Crunch Go Go really helps! review

Afternoon all,

One of the things I’m discovering since really getting back into shape/stretching/etc. is that my legs and hips can actually, ahem, move. This was quite startling to me, as I never had taken advantage of that before in my 20s!

In my search for getting in tune with my body, I came across:

This is “Crunch Go Go by Gypsy” and let me tell you, it’s one rocking, fun workout! I added it to my cardio routine because it teaches you not only how to shake your hips/shoulders, but also how to walk/strut/etc. the same way. Interestingly enough, this seems to have helped a chronic ache I used to have with my hips and legs, so obviously…. I’m sold on it. :) The added benefit of being able to move with confidence is also most beneficial as well.

Here are other places you can find reviews:

I was able to get my own copy of Crunch Cardio Go Go Fitness at a discount over at Kmart – it was only $9.99.

In short, if you’re looking to learn how to move your body sexily but don’t want to practice in front of others, this is a great workout to have.



ps – here’s where you can get Crunch Go Go at a discount!

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