My get-up and go, she got up and went


So! At 3am I was seized by an insane desire to write. Having learned never to ignore such impulses, I rolled out of bed, rolled down the hall, and bonked up smack against that necessity of life – my coffee maker. Soon afterwards, I was diligently at my computer, typing up a storm.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is I’m less alert than your typical 3-toed sloth that had just taken Ambien. I did manage to sleep-walk my way thru making 4 kids’ lunches and one husband’s breakfast, plus I also managed to negotiate thru the hallway hazards of toys and homework to uncover the shower. ‘course, the challenge will be after the school bus arrives – do I push myself to visit the gym (my usual schedule) to tackle my 45 minutes on the treadmill (today is cardio day!) or do I take a nap first?

You know, I think reality shows must have blossomed off such conundrums. :)

To help me with my decision, I ventured over to TV Guide Listings – of course, it’s down at this particular moment. Joy joy joy. I normally catch How It’s Made or possibly a great history documentary – it really makes the time fly by.

Anywhos, I hope y’all are awake and alert and have a splendiforous day!



ps – thinking, as am I, about coffee? How ’bout:

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