When life throws you a curveball and messes up your exercise schedule


Well, this morning I was less alert than a chunk of concrete due to my lack of sleep, getting up at 3am, and massive writing frenzy. I had planned on getting to the gym to do my 45 minute fast cardio workout on the treadmill when my husband mentioned, gee! I can take down the shutters on the house myself! (yes, this is actually a logical conversation flow; we were debating about getting new shutters and realized we had to remove the ones currently up first).

The thing is, though…once they’re down, what do you do with them? Recycling won’t take them; either I have to break them down myself, or bring them to Large Item Recycling Day (that just happens to be on tomorrow).

So! The husband removed the shutters and I stacked them up. Then I thought, hey, it’s not a treadmill, but this is definitely exercise! What else can I recycle!

To make a long story short, 2 hours later I had made several trips to the dump with a van-full of ‘stuff’ that had been begging for a new home for centuries. What a workout!

True…it’s not traditional…but hey, if life throws you a curveball and messes up your schedule, work with it! Don’t say, wheeeee! an opportunity to miss the gym…instead, see how you can really push yourself, break a sweat, clean up the garage, and make a spouse delirious with joy (all at the same time!).

I’ll probably still go on my circle walk later today….but it certainly was a good effort spent.



PS – here’s what we used to conquer the shutters!

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