When Diets Attack


I have officially decided that given a choice between enjoying life and dragging myself thru it like a ladybug towing a Mack truck, I much prefer the first. :)

I was reminded of this after my gym workout. Today was supposed to be my bash-the-body day (the day in which I joyfully become one with the iron in the free weights room and also tackle the Cybex route)…but my muscles were still a bit flabbalated from my Monday workout. So! I dropped the poundage by 5 pounds did a slow-steady workout instead. It went well.

While driving home, I was quite ravenous, so I immediately whipped up my beloved beef bone soup which I’m currently devouring as I type. Made with tofu, eggs, chili peppers (my particular quirk), shitake mushrooms and other goodies, it really hits the spot in a filling fashion.

And that reminded me of the following. So many people will “fail” at diets because the portions they eat don’t fill them up, their calories are restricted, their food choices are as anticipated as shower-mold-on-a-stick, etc.

That’s why diets by themselves will never work! If you want to get healthy, it’s a lifestyle change. You have to be able to eat the foods you enjoy, you have to give yourself permission to get rid of the foods that cause you to balloon up, you have to be content with your dietary choices.

After all, if you’re not….all you’ll do is fall off the wagon with a resounding crash bigger than Godzilla playing dead…and all of your previous hard work will be for naught. And you’re much too important to that; you should never be a victim of when diets attack.

My morning musings,


ps – When I started losing weight, one of my favorite helpers was the Richard Simmons videos and DVDs. RS has to be one of the most supportive individuals out there…and his workouts include people quite over 300 pounds as well. I can vouch for the magnificence of his series – his ‘Sweatin’ to the Oldies’ III’ was the first time I have ever danced in years and years. Check ’em out!

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