I’m Hot, Part II! Kendo, Swords and Hakumas, Oh My!


Life is utterly magnificent when you can look at yourself in a mirror and go OHMIGOSH I HAVE A WAIST AND IT’S LESS THAN MY HIPS AND WOWOWOWOWOWOW!

I experienced that zen moment yesterday evening; I attended my kendo (sword) class and for the first time, put on my hakuma (like a long skirt that covers the feet – samurai wore them ‘way back when). I had to do a double-take on just how superb I looked – I can honestly say I am quite the fab fit mom!

You know, when you’re dieting, working out and losing weight, you know intellectually that you’ll appear different – your body will change, your muscles will grow and your stamina will increase. But what you cannot truly internalize until it actually happens to you is emotional punch to the gut you receive when you’re faced with the stark reality of an honest mirror!

Gad I love swords class. :-) If you’re looking for super resources for Kendo, here’s what I’ve found:

  • E-mudo – Super Kendo supplier, excellent customer service
  • Kendo America – Dedicated to the promotion of Kendo in the USA
  • Kendo World Forums – Everything you could possibly ask about Kendo



ps – And if you’re in the market for excellent martial arts thingees, consider:

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