Korean food diet


I’ll admit it myself, I adore Korean food (especially the beef cooked directly at the table, not to mention Kimchi, the food of the gods).  Here’s a neat news report about the Korean food diet:

Samhui “Sam” Mitchell needs no coaxing to eat all her vegetables. Mitchell, a native Korean, says her Asian-based diet isn’t centered on meat.

Mitchell is inspired by her homeland when it comes to preparing food. She moved to the United States in 1984 and takes pride in sharing Korean culinary traditions with her family, which includes her husband, Edward, and sons, Ben, 16, and Joseph, 8.

Residence: Stilwell in Johnson County

Occupation: Korean book translator and cosmetologist

Special cooking interest: Korean food

Are you a vegetarian? I am not a vegetarian, but I do make more dishes with vegetables than I do with meat. In Korea, meat is used more as a seasoning. My Korean heritage has taught me to eat lots of vegetables. I also cook with seafood, not only fish, but also sea vegetables including seaweed. We also eat fresh fruit without dipping it into any sauces.

What are the biggest differences between how Americans and Koreans eat? Americans have taste buds that like meat, cheese, sugar and fried foods. Food is so plentiful here with so many choices.

I have found when I eat more fresh vegetables, I feel better. I try to pass along good eating habits to my children and get them to develop a taste for vegetables. We don’t indulge in sweets too often.

Is dinner the largest meal in Korea, as it typically is in America? In Korea, traditionally, the biggest meal was at breakfast. When I was growing up, most social gatherings in Korea were at breakfast and people would eat a protein, vegetable, fruit and soup in the morning. But nowadays, Koreans also have social gatherings in the evenings and they can have big dinners like here.

My parents really believed in a big breakfast, and I am trying to hand that tradition on to my kids. I like to make a big breakfast for my family to help them get their day started right….MORE….

And if the above intrigues you, here are some great Korean recipe sites:



ps – want to enjoy Korean music while eating Korean food?

7 Reasons Why Your Diet Will Ultimately Fail

Did you know that 95%

of people who go on a diet fail? Are you one of those 5 out of 100 who will succeed? Read these examples below and find out!

7). Your “diet” is less than 1,200 calories per day. Deprive your body of the base calorie requirement to function at your weight, and it will think, OMIGOSH I’m starving, let me embrace every fat deposit I can find.

6.) Your “diet” consists of pre-packaged meals. You’re not learning how to be healthy, you’re simply following rules. When you get tired of the price your prepackaged meals cost, you’ll be back to your bad eating habits once again.

5.) Your “diet” consists of meal replacement shakes. Can you imagine drinking your nutrients for the rest of your life? Once you get off them, the weight will fly back to your hips.

4.) Your “diet” has no foods in it you enjoy. You’re not a masochist; eventually you’ll say, to hell with this!

3.) Your “diet” is severely lacking in needed nutrients. Eventually your body will rebel, you’re crash and burn, and you’ll say, to hell with this!

2.) Your “diet” is only for 14 days or 18 days or 21 days or what have you. What do think will happen once you complete it if you haven’t learned how to eat healthy? You’re right – kiss those pounds a welcome once again.

And the number one reason why your diet will fail:

1). You’re on a diet and not a lifestyle change. If you return back to your previously unhealthy way of eating after your diet, of course you’ll gain back the weight quicker than a toddler scarfs down an ice cream cone



ps – want a diet you can enjoy?