Swimming Noodle doubles as a foam roller!

I read the following on Diet Blog

about foam rollers:

….The sensation of rolling will range from a gentle pressure to somebody taking a jackhammer to your muscles. This will vary from one area to another. I keep having to tell my clients (and reminding myself) that the more you feel it, the more you need it. That said, do what you can tolerate and build from there.

Try using the foam after a cardio warm-up (and before your weight training) or at the end of your workout. Either replace or add these exercises to your regular stretches that you do already. Although it may feel slightly uncomfortable, my personal experience is that I feel much better afterward and so do my clients…MORE….

The page referred, Sport Fitness Advisor, gives some excellent free information – to wit,

Self myofascial release techniques (SMRT), although not new, have become more and more prominent amongst athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Both allopathic and alternative Therapists have embraced the use of myofascial release massage to reduce chronic pain and rehabilitate a range of injuries. Some therapists claim a long list of benefits, from curing tennis elbow to IBS relief. While some claims may be contentious, it seems likely that many sports men and women can benefit from this regenerative therapy.

It’s important to understanding two key terms in order to appreciate how self myofascial release technique acts favourably on the body. They are ’fascia’ and ’trigger points’. Both are explored below before moving on to some sample self myofascial release exercises…..MORE…..

I loved reading about this! Months ago, my husband cut up one of our kids’ swimming noodles and attached it to his chair back. That worked so well, he made one for his car seat. That worked so peachy, he made one for sleeping!

Try it yourself! You can either spend big bucks, or just go to your local dollar store for a swimming noodle. In any event, it might help should you have back pains.



ps – craving a foam roller are you?

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