How to get Billy Blank’s Taebo for free


Have you heard of

Billy Blank’s Taebo? Billy Blanks developed this workout program that combines kick-boxing, karate moves and cardio all in one package. It’s quite a workout, and can really help you with your balance/karate speed as well.

But did you know, you don’t have to pay retail? Consider:

From where did I get these Taebo DVDs? Why, eBay of course! Remember, not everyone sticks to exercise plans…and sometimes, after they buy products or DVDs or machines/etc., they decide, this isn’t for me….and put them up for sale at a discount.

You can also go to YouTube and search for clips from his DVDs too. Just look at these:

Taebo Basic

Taebo Cardio Warmup

Where else can you go to get taebo for free? Check out your local Freecycle – I got my first set of Taebo tapes from someone who was happy to give them away for free. Just browse to your state and area…and post a request! Who knows, perhaps someone will give you a set too.



ps – other nifty Taebo goodies are:

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