What is sexy to you?

You know what is sexy to me?


I think if you’re confident in your own attractiveness and personality, you simply project a sexy image. It doesn’t have to be overt, it doesn’t have to be blatant…it’s simply, you know you’re a terrific human bean.

So many times, women (and men!) over 40 think that to be sexy, they have to compete with the 20 somethings or 30 somethings etc. I personally disagree. For one thing, if the person in whom you are interested is so shallow that they put looks/superficialness first, well then, that person really isn’t worth your time (or if she/he is, it’s simply to be used as a toy).

Your 40+ years have probably given you wisdom the younger set simply lack. Because you know yourself so well, you can project a aura of, I know my value…and if you’re smart, you’ll recognize it too. But hey, if you’re not, that’s your problem, not mine.

One of my favorite quotes is, I could be knock-kneed, cross-eyed and balding, and still be one of the sexiest persons anyone can meet. It’s all in the way you come across, all in the way you make the other person feel they’re the most important individual alive, all in the way you can enhance each other’s experiences.

So what is ‘sexy’ to you? Is it an open mind? Is it the ability to listen? If you’re attracted to me, is it biceps to die for and deltoids of delight? If you’re attracted to women, is it a figure that just doesn’t quit? And after the sex is done, is there anything else left that retains the aura of sexiness, or was it simply a transient experience that dissipates and leaves you feeling, ahem, what happened to the magic?

Know thyself! And your self-confidence will only improve.



ps – Want some sexy glasses?

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