Cathe and STS Shock Training System – breaking news


If you’re a Cathe fan and am following the frenzy for STS (Shock Training System),

Cathe has started blogging about the Behind the Scenes information that went into the video. To wit:

Today we held the first official rehearsal for STS. As you can see in the above picture Brenda is now healed from her Triathlon injury and will be joining Cedie, Jai, and Lorraine in Cathe’s next production called STS. Though it looks like the whole gang will be back we will also have several new cast members, including several males joining our STS team (more on that below). In the above picture the “Girls” have a chuckle as they plan a segment where they will take on the “Boys” in a “pushups-to-failure” segment – this is a challenge they plan on winning with ease!

Our new cast members, which we will introduce to you at a later date, were selected from a pool of fitness talent provided by a casting company we hired several months ago that did a regional search for us. Each potential applicant was interviewed and filmed by the casting company and then their files and filmed audition were sent to us so Cathe could make the final selections…..MORE…..



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