A neat benefit to sleeveless tank tops!

One of the neat things about losing weight is you start to wear clothing you’d never have considered ‘way back when….when your main exercise was averting your eyes so you’d never look in the mirror.

After losing 27 pounds or so, I started wearing tank tops (this was during the summer months). I really liked the fact I no longer resembled a pregnant eggplant.

Well, yesterday, it was a weee bit nippy…and the wind on my shoulders felt most exhilarating indeed! I never before realized how many sensory experiences I was missing back when I was uncomfortable with my body.

It’s truly a hero’s journey.


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9 Plus Months of a Diet Lifestyle Change


My name is Barbara Ling, and I’m the Fab Fit Mom.  I’ve created this journal to immortalize all of my get-healthy adventures.

Right now, I weigh about 135 pounds on a 5’3.5″ frame (and that extra 1/2 inch is ‘way important!  :-)  ).  But it wasn’t always like that….last December, I was 170+ and getting more lethargic than a fossilized clam.  My thighs resembled parking lots that were never finished, my shape could have won a 4-H contest in eggplant-growing, and I was, well, huge.

I woke up, so to say, those 9+ months ago…when I realized if I didn’t choose to commit to changing my ways, I might not be around to see my family grow.  And so I took the first step that now has seen me lost 35 pounds.

Keep your eyes on this site – I plan on sharing a lot of my secrets!