9 Plus Months of a Diet Lifestyle Change


My name is Barbara Ling, and I’m the Fab Fit Mom.  I’ve created this journal to immortalize all of my get-healthy adventures.

Right now, I weigh about 135 pounds on a 5’3.5″ frame (and that extra 1/2 inch is ‘way important!  :-)  ).  But it wasn’t always like that….last December, I was 170+ and getting more lethargic than a fossilized clam.  My thighs resembled parking lots that were never finished, my shape could have won a 4-H contest in eggplant-growing, and I was, well, huge.

I woke up, so to say, those 9+ months ago…when I realized if I didn’t choose to commit to changing my ways, I might not be around to see my family grow.  And so I took the first step that now has seen me lost 35 pounds.

Keep your eyes on this site – I plan on sharing a lot of my secrets!



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