Plus Size Model – 4 inches more than a Victoria Secret Model?


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Can you believe this woman is considered a Plus-Size Model?

over at  Back in Skinny Jeans.   To wit: 

She ain't fat! This woman does not look Plus-Size to me at all. I saw these ads for Marina Rinaldi inside O magazine, and thought wow what beautiful outfits. I had never heard of Marina Rinaldi before so I Googled the name.

I honestly was shocked to discover that Marina Rinaldi is the Plus-Size division of Italian designer Max Mara. This woman in the ad is supposed to be Plus-Size? Marina Rinaldi’s sizes run from a 10-22 US, and the clothes can be found at upscale department stores like Bloomingdale’s, Saks and Bergdorf Goodman. There are also Marina Rinaldi stores around the world.

They consider a size 10-12 Plus Size! Are you kidding me ?!?.….MORE….

Doesn’t look plus-sized to me whatsoever!  Fashion is truly sad.

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ps – speaking victoria secret:

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