Su-Ha Diet – Magic Breathing Diet!


I read on my favorite blog Diet-Blog the following post:

… “Su-Ha-breathing healthy diet is a diet. Want to diet, but do not know how” and “Abdominally healthy diet Law”. But what exactly is it?

Good question! So I decided to dig around online, and here’s what I found. This existed back in 2005! To wit:

Su Ha Magic Breathing Diet… The second gem I discovered – also in the same shop – is this Su-Ha diet device.

At first I thought this is a pez dispenser and didn’t understand how this product has anything to do with diet – giving you diet pez, maybe?

The description on the package says: To lose weight, suck air (hard) through this little device 30 times a day.

I can only imagine with the pain you go through to do this 30 times a day, you would be so ***** depressed with yourself that you simply would not want to eat (and possibly too tired) or breath anymore….MORE….

Do visit that page – you can also learn about the Magic Slim Mouth Piece! Strengthen your mouth! Really! Honestly!

I was able to find a Japanese page about it, and when translated (hold onto your seats here), it reads:

…Effect of スーハーダイエット

It extends the line of the backbone securely, in the attitude which pulled out the power of the shoulder gripping スーハーダイエット in the mouth, it inhales breath and 1 2 seconds stops and breath 吐 comes.

This time in order to make the stomach be dented, please have consciousness the stomach concentrate, finish to spit.

Applying the hand to the stomach not to be able to inflate the cheek, try to push out breath by power of the stomach.

In order this time, for the exhaust noise, shoe to come out, the fact that it spits is secret

This is repeated 30 times.

It can decrease the body fat
When it reaches the point where it can do the breath by the diaphragm momentum of the abdominal muscles becomes large, furthermore metabolism rises because the respiration rate becomes deep, becomes the body where the body fat is inflammable. It is the case that it rises body temperature by continuing, can decrease the body fat.

In order to burn the fat, oxygen is necessary. In other words it meaning that sufficiently gathering, continuing the muscle, diet can do oxygen by moving, it does.

Furthermore because it can adopt many oxygen than usual breath with スーハーダイエット, the diet effect is preeminent.

It relaxes with stress cancellation
First stress cancellation. Stress is risked the autonomous nerve, balance of heart and the body, is in a state where it is disordered. Originally, as for our bodies, freely and easily the parasympathetic nerve of shape is predominantly proper, but the sympathetic nerve of attack type stands predominantly, by the fact that standpoint is reversed becomes stress.

When inhaling breath, when the sympathetic nerve, spitting, because it has reached the point where the parasympathetic nerve works, function of the parasympathetic nerve increases by making the breath time which spits long, balance of the autonomous nerve comes off.

Effective other than dieting and to the one where the breath being cut off constipation stomach is weak! !

I think Hollywood celebrities would stampede for this one….. :-)



ps – I think here in the US, something similar is:

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