Celebrity Weightloss, ooooooo! Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry and more!


Well! It appears the latest book on celebrity fitness is The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets! Discussed by CBSNEWS, one sees:

Have you ever wondered how Jessica Simpson or Jennifer Lopez got that lean, toned body? Now you can find out thanks to a new book that’s revealing celebrity diet secrets.

“The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets” reveals tips and little known diet tricks that stars like Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry, and Jennifer Aniston use to stay fit.

One tip says that many celebs add large amounts of asparagus to their daily diets. Why? “Celebrities are using it as a laxative,” explains Robin Plotkin, a registered dietician in Dallas. But don’t think that taking off the pounds is as easy as that. “While yes, you might initially lose weight quickly by eating a lot of asparagus for example, it’s not going to stay off,” says Plotkin. “So it is just a quick fix.”

Another item in the book has some celebs saying that brushing your teeth can help curb your appetite. Plotkin says – that’s true! “It triggers our brain to say, ‘Hey lets stop eating for a while and enjoy that nice flavor that’s in our mouth’.”…..MORE….

Sigh. When will the public learn? Anything celebrities do is because their personal trainers tell them to do. And anyone can learn those techniques by simple visiting the library and learning a good lifestyle habit to choose.

But, if you’re one who wants to explore more, let me assist you like so:



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