5 Bite Diet – Talk about starving, dangerous in the extreme


Now, I’ve seen some ridiculous diet ideas in the past, but this one takes the cake:

The 5 Bite Diet

The incredibly stupid utterly unique idea behind this diet requires you taking only five bites of what you want 3 times on a day, drink a lot of water, and at night you must take a multivitamin pill.



Shield me from the stupidity please! And the worst thing is, you’ll get lots of folks who are desperate to buy the dream…and will shell out the money for it. :(

Starvation just doesn’t work. No no no, it won’t work. What a horribly bad idea this diet is.

Extra ran an article about it that you can access here. One interesting comment reads:

….I am shocked ‘Extra’ would even give this charlatan the air time. Eating disorders in this country are at an epidemic level for both men and women and suggesting this kind of ‘diet’ is dangerous and careless. I am sure many of your viewers are in their teens and are unable to or don’t have access to resources that can help them make healthy choices should they want to lose weight. This ‘diet’ is the first step in teaching anyone how to unrealistically ‘control’ their eating….which is the first step into the madness of an eating disorder, namely, anorexia. I honestly thought this segment was a joke….. MORE….

Sad….very sad.


ps – some useful diet books you might to consider instead are:

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