Say NO to Chatspeak – Creative writing for kids, great resources


Are you fed up, like me, with kids who can only speak or write in chatspeak?

Kids whose grammar consists of 99% “like you know” and 1 percent…actual intelligent conversation?

I know I am! Chatspeak is utterly banned in my household. In many cases, today’s generation writes on a level that wouldn’t be accepted in the Kindergarten of my youth, let alone grown-up adult conversation. :(

I’m not the only parent who hates chatspeak – other discussions about it include:

Personally, I think chatspeak by itself encourages your brain cells to die. Why should they be active if they’re only used to communicate on a level that would make a fossilized clam laugh? You can see chatspeak examples for yourself at:

Utterly dismal it is.

Anywhos, let’s get to the topic of this post – if you want your children to learn creative writing that actually is capable of influencing one’s emotions, here are some great sites:

The ability to communicate clearly and coherently is a skill that will be valuable long past your child has graduated! Do your kids a favor and ban chatspeak – it will only drag them down into the gutter where they truly DON’T belong.



ps – some neat creative writing goodies are:

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