How to make super-relaxing aromatherapy massage oil

One of the nicest things

you can give your spouse/family/friends/etc. is a great massage. And it’s even better if you can make your own signature massage oil to use with it!

I was reminded of this…because I just ran out of my latest batch this morning. So I had to whip up another batch, which prompted me to share my expertise.

I always like using a mixture of aquaflor and olive oil. I generally use the ratio:

1 to 3

Aquaflor to olive oil

and then heat that until it all liquifies. Into that, I’ll put essential oils of:

  • rose
  • sandalwood
  • cinnamon (must be very careful with that, it can burn)
  • wintergreen
  • lavender
  • clove

When it cools down to room temperature, it’s a solid once again…and works dandy for massages.

I also have coconut oil but haven’t yet tried that in my mixtures.

In any case, the final product is great for when you do skin-on-skin contact. However, it’s not edible, so get that idea out of your head now. :) Stick with veggie oils if that’s of interest to you.



ps – some already-made massage oils are:

2 thoughts on “How to make super-relaxing aromatherapy massage oil”

  1. Hello,

    Sounds like a good idea, but I have a question:

    Once you’ve melted the oils and stuff before, how do you save them?


  2. Sorry I had neglected to put that in the original posting. I use baby jars or caviar jars or any glass jar that is more wide than tall – it makes for getting the ointment out much easier.

    If your first attempt has the ointment too thick/rigid, re-heat it and add more olive oil. That will soften it out very very very well.

    Hope that helps,


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