I am Woman! I’m not only Mom or Wife or Executive or …..

You know, as I continue to travel thru this thing called LIFE, I’m becoming more and more aware of how dangerous it is to lose site of your own inner self.

Sure, I’m a mom. A super mom, I’ll admit!

And yes, I’m a wife, an utterly wondrous one too.

Add entrepreneur to that as well!

And “All Around Problem Solver” is right up there.

Wait! Don’t forget about “Good/Great friend” to those people who are important to me. I look out for them, and (unless they take me for granted), are always there to help out.

But! Take all those people I listed up there – what about Me, the woman?

Me, the person who drives all those other aspects of my personality?

You see, I’m starting to realize that when you’re everything to everyone, you run the risk of being nothing to yourself. And when you sputter out of gas, you end up being no good to anyone at all (and that is truly a shame for your family).

So! All you superWomen and superMen out there…all you folks who are stable rock-hard bastions of support to those whom you love and care about….

Do you give yourself permission to be as good to yourself as you are to everyone else?

I cannot begin to describe how important a well-balanced, directed energy for yourself can be. I’ve now been taking advantage of that myself – I treat myself to activities I adore that my family members might view askance (P90x, Karate, Kendo, Jui jitsu, etc.), I give myself permission to tell the kids I’m off-duty and retreat to my room and relax, etc.

Do you take time for yourself as well?

You really should! You’re not just how others view you…you’re important to yourself, just as you are.

Never forget that.



ps – here are some nice ways to treat yourself:

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