P90x Review Kenpo X – Week 3, Day 6, Total Days – 20

Evening everyone,

Due to other plans, my P90x workout actually happened in the wee hours of the morning…okay, at 6:30pm. :-)

Today was Kenpo X and as always, it was a great workout. I substituted a bunch of my traditional karate moves and managed to get a pretty good heart rate up there. Afterwards, I did 10 minutes of the Carmen Electra Vegas Cardio – it’s slow going I’ll admit, but my body is getting much much more flexible. Yay!

Tomorrow is XStretch, one of my favorite workouts. And then I’m in recovery week! Normally I’d say yippie! except apparently Yoga Death takes place not once but twice. Wah! Ah well. :)



ps – some other nice P90x goodies:

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