What I’m thankful for

Today is Thanksgiving!

I just returned from bundling the kids and husband into the van and visiting my folks up north. We had planned on going to the local Chinese buffet but imagine our surprise when we discovered it had the audacity to be closed! Thus, instead we droveto the local Korean restaurant and had turkey-from-the-sea (shrimp), turkey-that-goes-moo (beef), and turkey-that-looks-like-kimchee (kimchee)…..utterly yummy beyond belief. I’ll have to work out later on today and work it off. No dishes to wash, yay!

As always, however, I was moved to think on that for which I am thankful this year. And you know something? It’s a heck of a lot, including:

1.) My husband, my soulmate. We’re so nutty we’re perfect together. :)

2.) My kids. “Astonishing” doesn’t even begin to describe them.

3.) My family. My parents, my brothers, my nephews and neice. How my parents survived my childhood is one of the great mysteries of life. :)

4.) My weight loss success. 11+ months ago I was 170+; now I’m 132 and in the best shape of my life.

5.) My handicap. Being forced to confront my own insecurities has made me stronger by far.

6.) My karate dojo and senseis. I have learned so much about my own abilities and courage that it’s kinda sorta impossible to believe. Never would I have thought years ago that the wimp I was back then could be the magnificent mom and warrior I am today.

7.) My friends. They been with me thru thick and thin and have really been there when needed.

8.) My technical abilities. The requirements to launch an ebook involve:

  • Writing the ebook
  • PDFing it in a marketing format
  • Designing the book cover
  • Designing the software box cover
  • Setting up the affiliate backend
  • Writing the affiliate tutorial
  • Setting up the 7 day autoresponder
  • Writing the ezine
  • Writing the customer care followup AR
  • Designing the helpdesk

I was able to do ALL of the above…by myself. No assistance needed.

9.) My attitude. No matter what happens to me nowadays, instead of panicking or feeling despondent, I react by thinking, okay, what am I supposed to learn from this today? Such a mindset makes all the difference in the world.

In short, I have a pretty blessed life…and I’m grateful to the universe for putting in my path all of the challenges and joys that I’ve encountered and dealt with. Or as my mom would say, my guardian angel works overtime. :)



ps – ‘course, smart moms would also be grateful for:

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