Walking the walk even though it makes you go ANGST ANGST ANGST


Today is the day my karate dojo gives a performance for various communities. While neither I nor my kids are on the demo teams (yet!), we’ve been faithfully attending every Sunday rehearsal and looking forward to watching the show. I also had promised several of the parents I’d take pictures as well!

Enter today – some home improvement folk were scheduled to show up between 11am and 12pm. Thus, my husband took my kids…and I’m home with my ferocious pets, waiting by the telephone.

Now, I have been anticipating watching the demo for months! While I’m still quite incompetent in nunchaku and other weapons, I really enjoy watching my fellow classmates and thinking how great it will be when I’m at their level.

To miss this performance just plain makes me go ANGST ANGST ANGST! BUT!! I do firmly believe everything happens for a reason. My kids know how much I wanted to attend…and they also watched me calmly deal with the reality, set up everything so I didn’t need to be present, give them the camera to take pictures for me, give my husband the directions to the event, etc.

In other words, they witnessed how Mommy deals with disappointment when life happens. She makes provisions and “lets the emotion” go.

This will really come in handy in the future when they have to deal with crushing disappointments; I always believe in ‘walking the walk’ when raising my kids.

Personally speaking, of course, I’m really unhappy about how things turned out…for me, that is. But I can look beyond that if my kids took something positive out of the whole experience.

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