Gain 5 Pounds in Half an Hour, Guaranteed!! Wheeeee!


Well! Today I weigh 140 instead of what I weighed yesterday, which was 135. Ain’t life grand? :)

Actually, however, I’m not worried about it whatsoever. And here’s why…..

Every weekend, I give myself one cheat day in which I assume responsibility for actually (dare I say it?) eating stuff that is, well, really, really darned dumb! In my case, it’s veggies with additional salt (I love salt but don’t eat it hardly at all during the week). Oooh I love that (lettuce, onions, etc.)….but Oooooh, I pay for it the next day!

Speaking of which, today IS that next day, and as expected, I was retaining more water than the Hoover Dam! (How did I come up with this blindingly obvious observation? Whenever I’m huger than usual, my wedding band wont’ come off of my finger. But I digress.) But! I know that drinking water always helps such conditions, so I quickly downed 5 large cups of the miracle liquid.

The good news is that my fingers no longer resemble a McDonald’s sausage special!

The bad news is that I had the extraordinarily bad judgment to weigh myself…instead of 135, the scale read, 140!

Well, duh, of course it would! Each cup of water weighs a pound (yes, I did weigh that). So if I drank 5 cups, obviously, I’d gain 5 temporary pounds until it flushes away.

That’s one of the reasons why losing weight and getting healthy can be such a hero’s journey. Many many times, you’re faced with increases that are temporary…but perhaps your mindset gives way to all those insidious voices that chant, it’s useless, why are you torturing yourself, just give it up and get thee to a seven pound chocolate cake!

Remember, scales reveal only numbers…and those numbers can reflect temporary gains. Never let that sway you from what you know to be true (that weight loss is a long-term process that has ups and downs).



ps – Speaking of salt, did you know salt shakers could look like:

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