Shopping Cart Fitness!

You know, back when I was el-grando mommo, I found exercising to be very difficult indeed. Hated it then (love it now, mind you, you simply can’t help to adore it when you feel your body’s reactions to pushing yourself – it’s really enjoyable) and would think of every excuse NOT to waddle about.

That is, until I discovered shopping carts!

Did you know that you can push a grocery shopping cart up and down a strip mall…and eventually walk 1 mile? I found that out myself when I carefully drove my car down by the stores….3 one-way trips exceeded an entire mile in length. AND, it took me 20 minutes to walk!

Now, true, this isn’t marathon-preparing effort….but it WAS a start. And since them, I’ve realized that starting is key. You don’t have to throw yourself into aerobics or cardio or what have when you’re just beginning….you simply have to move your body in a positive direction.

I still have fond memories of my baby boy sleeping in the cart or waving to people as I walked on by. :-)


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