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Before at 170+ pounds AFTER >
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My name is Barbara Ling Barbara Ling and I call myself The Fab Fit Mom….mainly because, well, back in December of 2006, I finally got sick and tired of my unhappiness regarding my weight and energy. I had packed 170+ pounds onto a 5/3.5″ frame…and the prognosis looked only grimmer and grimmer. Heck, the only exercise at which I was sterling was averting my eyes so I wouldn’t see my reflection in the mirror!I was at a cross-roads in my life…and I had to consciously choose what I would do next. Would I take the easy way out and grow fatter and fatter while watching my family tag along and suffer as well?

Or would I choose to say, I can DO this….and research my way back to health and fitness?

As it turns out, I proactively decreed that I would seize my success and nothing would stop me.

Wow, what a journey it’s been (you can check out my beginning blog on it over at Weight-Loss Diaries)!! I’m still on it, of course – I still have fitness and weight loss goals that I want to achieve. But now, 40+ pounds lighter with deltoids and biceps to die for, I can honestly say it’s been an exciting and liberating journey indeed.

Career-wise, I’m an online trainer (note! not a personal trainer – I can speak only of what worked for me. You can learn more about personal trainers over at the most excellent JP Fitness Forums) who specializes in demystifying the Internet and other joys for any and all (I’ve even been a Microsoft Small Business Success Story when I started out.). I’ve written over 20 books/ebooks including:

You can find a complete list of my credentials HERE.

As you can tell, my mode of operation is to always write write write when I’ve learned how to master specific interests in a broad field. My success at finally “turning the key” regarding weight loss and lifestyle changes has prompted me to put pen to paper (finger to keyboard?) again….and try to help others as well.

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Thanks again for visiting! I know you’ll find the resources I’ll be providing to be most useful indeed.Enjoy,Barbara Ling

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