P90x Fitness Review – Legs Back, Week 5, Day 5 – Total Days – 33

Howdy all!

Well! Yesterday, I did doubles with my P90x

I had missed Wednesday’s workout (Back and Biceps) so I did that as well as Yoga. But because I did Back yesterday as well, I opted to change today’s workout to solely Legs and Abs.

It went rather well, I must say. There’s lots of bodyweight exercises you can do for your legs; I rediscovered one legged squats, hamstring stretches and the like. Definitely felt the burn by the end.

After the workout, I was drawn to doing my 2.4 mile circle walk in the rain. Mental note to mom – it’s COLD when it’s raining and below 37 degrees! Took a hot shower upon returning, and am now getting back to work.

And! I have my biceps pix – will be posting that soon.

And that’s Day 33 of P90x,


ps – Some nifty Tony Horton goodies:

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