7 Steps to stop spam in wordpress blogs

Stopping spam in wordpress blogs – it really builds character. :)

Step by step, here is what you can do to help eliminate spam from your blog.

  • #1.) Make sure you have activated Akismet. It comes with your wordpress installation.
  • #2.) Install and Activate ReCaptcha.net . It makes users fill in two words prior to submitting comments.
  • #3.) Install and Activate Douglas Karr’s Enhanced WordPress Contact Form with Spam Protection. It forces users to fill out a challenge question whenever using the contact form.
  • #4.) Install and Activate Simple Spam Filter. It will automatically reject comments that have 5+links, nothing but links, etc.
  • #5.) Create a Fake Comment Form. Only spambots see this.
  • #6.) Install Bad Behavior. Thanks to Jake McKee below who alerted me to this! Bad Behavior blocks actual vandalism to your site as well as blocks many e-mail address harvesters.
  • #7.) Use TimeStamps to Reduce Spam. This prevents rapid-fire posting. However, if the person mistypes the Captcha, she or he will have to wait the prescribed time. I changed mine to slightly less and edited the error message:
    • Error: you must wait at least 15 seconds before posting a comment or correcting a CAPTCHA error. Our apologies for the delay, this is how we help verify you are a real live wonderful human bean.

That’s a good list with which to start…I’ll post more later!

It’s later!  Check out this great posting, 46 tips for reducing WordPress Spam

Now, what if you’re not a techie and want to use all of the above? There are several great wordpress plugin how-to resources, including:

The main key here is you need to first save plugins on your local computer, and then upload them to the

  • /wp-content/plugins

of your server’s wordpress installation. This requires using an FTP program to transmit your files…but not to fear! There’s lots of free ones you can use like:

Spam can be quite a problem on WordPress blogs….but as you can see, there are always ways to combat it.



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