P90x Fitness Review – Darth Yoga, Week 5, Day 4 – Total Days – 32


Darth Yoga was actually for the first time in human memory….really enjoyable.

Why? Well, for beginners, I had spent about, oh, 8 hours straight sitting at my computer, programming my little heart out. I slowly but surely descended into the land of Can’tThinkStraightUnlessFingersWereGluedToKeyboard…. and that got tired real quick.

I had two choices yesterday afternoon – go to Advanced Karate or do my Yoga. I opted for the second – I figured that as I had done 2 hours in the gym earlier, plus my 100 kicks on each leg for the crescent, roundhouse and front kick series, my body was craving something a bit less active.

So! I gave myself permission to miss karate, and instead tackled Darth Yoga with my kids. I bet them that they couldn’t last but they did hang in there longer than I would have thought – 28 minutes!

The workout was awesome, I can really see how it’s beneficial to one’s overall stretching/health condition. It’s funny to realize how much I utterly hated it when I started…and now how much I can truly appreciate it.

And that’s Day 32,


ps – Some neat P90x goodies:

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