Being a mom can be non-stop, so make it great

You know you’re a mom when you’ve just spent 4 hours building a friend a super site, realize that you can finally rest, and then….

your kids come to you and say

MOM! It’s GREAT outside! Let’s go practice our Nunchaku katas!

Reaction from Mom:


Reaction from Child:

No really Mom! It’s only slightly below freezing! Our nunchaku will spin real good!

Reaction from Mom:


Reaction from Child:

Mom? Do you need coffee?

Reaction from Mom:

(can’t anyone realize I’m comatose?) Okay dear, I’ll consider doing DDR with you if you set it up and give me 10 minutes to decompress….

Reaction from Child:

(ZZZZZIPP as she disappears to set everything up)

Sigh. Ah well, it’s good for me, might as well dash right to it.

Parenting – a job for only the dauntless. :)



ps – some great DDR goodies:

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