P90x Review – Yoga Death, Week 4, Day 1, Total Days – 22

Today starts my recovery week! Yay! If you can call it that!

Seriously! Yoga Death has to be one of the toughest, most killer DVDs out there. My muscles literally shake in some of the poses, and others…well, I have to do major modifications.

Still, though, I will admit – although I hate and despise this DVD with a passion, it’s utterly superb. I really feel the workout even hours afterwards! Wow. If you can handle it, it’s a perfect example of, it hurts so good.

So. Today I completed Yoga Death and this afternoon, will probably do DDR with the kids. Today they have off in honor of MLK day, so it will be a quiet day. Tomorrow is Core, the day after is Kenpo, and then XStretch (yay!).

And that’s Day 22,


ps – Other P90x goodies:

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