Is your gym too racy and sexy?

Morning everyone,

Well, flap my earlobes and call me Bambi, but I really cannot believe the following from Utah.

…. Some students say health club showing pornography

Some college students in Utah County are calling some music videos pornographic, and they are trying to get a health club to take them off its screen….

The students have documented five music videos played on the Gold’s Gym music video network which they call objectionable. Jesse Yaffe says, “Once you are a member here, you basically don’t have the choice anymore. You’re forced to watch indecent material because you go where there’s a TV. They’ve got the Gold’s Gym membership network, and certain videos they play are extremely indecent, and some are outright pornography.”…

The controversy involves two Gold’s Gym locations in Utah County frequented by BYU and UVSC students. Five organizations are banding together to keep the videos from being shown at the gyms. …

The students gave Gold’s 10 days to remedy their concerns before they start picketing the health club. They outlined four specific issues they’d like resolved:

* No rated R movies or sexually explicit or racy PG-13 movies.

* Change the content of Gold’s Broadcasting Network or don’t show the Network.

* Keep external TV’s on decent and clean stations, or let members choose the channels themselves.

* Install blinds on the aerobics room to block the dancing, which is very provocative.

It is…just NOT to be believed.


Now, while I would love thinking the world revolved around me and my family and my friends and those people ONLY, I actually confess to (hold on to your seats here) “living in the real world.” Gasp! Fancy that! Just because something might bother me or my friends….doesn’t mean I have to change the whole organization so everyone else is inconvenienced.

I certainly don’t know about you, but whenever I work out at my local gym, I actually self-advocate and (eeek!) turn the channel to what I want to watch! I will bravely admit that I blatantly stare at…. yes, it’s true…. “How It’s Made!” and and and “Meerkat Manor” and and and… you get the idea! Yes, I take ownership of my own reactions and my own decisions!

What a concept. My oh my, what a concept.

Here’s something those kids should realize – when you’re at the gym, you’re there to work out. You’re there to push yourself and better yourself and NOT to angst over what’s playing or what other people look like. My gosh, that last demand:

  • * Install blinds on the aerobics room to block the dancing, which is very provocative.

Reminds me of the middle east countries, in which women cannot participate in religious worship with the men because the men might become distracted. Talk about blaming the other party!

Now, true….if there was an aerobics class that resembled, say, hmmm, Chippendales, I’d probably…practice NOT averting the eyes. It would be considered a bonus visual bounty of the gym. :)

What do you think?



ps – but of course, if you are looking for “sexy” and “gym” together….

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