Diet failing? Hit the Panic Button!


Life is truly joyous when you are awakened at 2am by your spouse or kids and no matter how hard you try, your sleeping ability laughs hysterically at you as it chortles in the distance.  Not.

Ah well, these things happen.  At least I got a lot of writing done!  :)

Anywhos, I’m now participating on SparkPages!   It’s a super free diet/weight loss/fitness/get healthy place that has tens of thousands of bunches of members, many of whom post up a storm!

I really adore some of the message board threads like:

All in all, it’s a really exciting supportive place!  I’m looking forward to participating.

One thing I noticed is there’s this neat Panic Button message board too!  Some of the titles include:

All in all, a very impressive place indeed!  I encourage you to check it out as well.



ps – Lots of people try Weight Watchers. Here’s some things I’ve found regarding it:

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