Instilling consequences – Apologizing to teachers and sensei


One of the best things my kids and I do as a family is take karate together.   Not only does it help speed/coordination/self-defense/etc., it also provides an atmosphere of calmness, respect and doing the very best you can.

Well, that is….generally it does.    Last week, my single-digit young one decided to spiral into a snit.   He had been appropriately reprimanded by the sensei for his attitude, and he chose to sink into an unhappy mass of nonverbal ‘nobody understands me!’

To his credit, he did manage to pull himself together about 10 minutes after the incident.  But after the class, I had a very solemn, sincere talk with him about respecting one’s teachers and rising to the challenge…and then I walked him over to our senseis to apologize.  Said senseis were wonderfully supportive to him, and my boy was all smiles afterwards (and during the car ride home, I heard ‘aren’t you proud of me mommy, I got my good attitude back! at least 17 times).

This brings me to today’s following topics.  As parents, it’s our duty to ensure our kids behave well and treat their teachers with respect and obedience.  If our kids choose to act out, they MUST have consequences for their behavior!

Our senseis have the patience of a master bonsai gardener!  I really admire them for that… I would probably implode with the style and grace of a wounded wolverine if I had to endure what they do when unruly kids show up.

Remember, extracurricular activities like karate or sports or ballet or what have you, are a privilege.  The people who teach our children are deserving of praise and respect – always make certain your kids honor them with good behavior.



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